Piano - Paolo Scafarella

Les Dimanches Musicaux
Date: 30 January 2022 15:00

Venue: American Cathedral in Paris

Paolo Scafarella plays works by Stenhammar and Schumann

Born in Trani,  Paolo Scafarella graduated with full marks and honours in Piano at the "Niccolò Piccinni" Conservatory in Bari.

He immediately began an intense concert activity that led him to perform as a soloist for important cultural associations and in prestigious concert seasons in Italy and abroad: association "Auditorium", Theleton, Ministry of Culture, RAI Italian Radio Television, Ambiente Puglia, University of Bari, Academy of Fine Arts of Bari, Pordenone musica, Archdiocese of Florence, Italian TV Sky, Palazzo Pesce, Palazzo di Cultura of Massafra, Proloco Quadratum, Theatre of Corato, Theatre "Impero" of Trani, Theatre "Auditorium", San Giacomo Festival, Turin Music Festival, scriabin concert series etc. are some of the associations, cultural circles and institutions that have been able to appreciate the young pianist's skills. He performed in a piano recital on the occasion of the inauguration of Via Sparano at the Church of San Ferdinando in Bari at the invitation of the Mayor.

Due to the great media coverage of the event, La Repubblica, La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno and TV reports on TeleNorba and Rai wrote appreciations. In addition to numerous invitations to Italian cultural associations and festivals Paolo debuts abroad, last concert at Fondacion Eutherpe in Leon, Spain, next concerts abroad at iic in Stockholm, Vienna and Oslo. As a forthcoming recording project, he is collaborating with the orchestra Fondazione Biagio Abbate for the production of the complete concertos for piano and orchestra by Stenhammar and Liszt. He has won numerous first prizes in national and international competitions, most recently the "Strawinskij" and "Eurorchestra" competitions. In these months he is collaborating with the record label "Brilliant Classics" for the publication of a box set of CDs on all the music for piano and piano and orchestra by Stenhammar and Liszt.


Schumann - Carnevale di Vienna Op. 26
Stenhammar – sonata N°4 in g minor 



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  • 30 January 2022 15:00

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