Metod Sironić - flute

Les Dimanches Musicaux
Date: 02 October 2022 15:00

Venue: American Cathedral in Paris

Metod Sironić After graduating the music high school in Rijeka, he enrolled at the Ino Mirković Academy for Music in Lovran in the class of Prof. Pierre-Yves Artaud. In 2002, after finishing the Academy with distinction, having been awarded a scholarship from the Zaleski Stichting Foundation he enrolled in graduate studies for flute at the ENMP in Prof. Artaud’s class and for chamber music in Professor Nina Patarčec's class. In 2004, he continued his graduate studies at the same academy but now with a scholarship from the French Government. After finishing his studies in Paris, he began working as a flute teacher at the I.M. Ronjgov Music School in Rijeka. He also performs in Croatia and abroad, holds flute masterclasses and serves as a jury member at international competitions. Since 2015, he has been performing with the orchestra of the Croatian National Theatre in Rijeka as associate principal flute. In 2018. he became a member of the Croatian baroque ensemble holding a post of the second transverse flute.

Jelena Tihomirović finished her primary and secondary music education in Zadar and Split. She graduated in 1999 from the Music Academy in Zagreb in Professor Marija Gvozdić-Horvat's class and finished her graduate studies at the Ino Mirković Academy for Music in Lovran, under Dr Evgenij Zarafiants, D.M.A. She was an active participant in projects at the Ino Mirković Academy for Music, serving part as an assistant piano teacher. She gained first prize as a student in the Croatian state competition in 1993. Since 2007, she has performed with the flautist Metod Sironić and has given very successful performances in Croatia and abroad. In July 2019. she gave a concert along with flautist Metod Sironić in the Academy Hall of the Santa Cecilia conservatory.



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  • 02 October 2022 15:00

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