ANNULÉ - MARIA GABRIELLA MARIANI: soloist concert pianist

Sunday June 20, 2021 @ 15h00


Maria Gabriella Mariani, pianist composer, presents an hour of Chopin, Liszt and Debussy ( program details below )
«Her playing is so imaginative, artistic, varied, never predictable, Her improvisations are extraordinary» Martha Argerich
Neapolitan pianist of marked talent and complex musical personality, she is also a composer and writer of novels and with irruptions in other fields. These worlds flow in the naturalness of a musical vocation that seems to free itself with an irresistible vitalism precisely in improvisation that very impresses the great Argentinian pianist Martha Argerich.

The assignment of 5 Global Music Awards in USA (2017 and 2018) for Gaspard de la nuit by Ravel, for her Fun Tango and the Album Pour jouer put her, both as a concert performer and as a composer to the attention of international critics and confirm the artistic value of a multifaceted personality that had already deeply impressed Aldo Ciccolini long-time her mentor. Critics remark in her compositions and in the classical repertoire performances expressive flexibility, great comunicative skills, passionate temperament, love for deepening combined with a virtuosity.

The last 2 Album Fairy Tales (DaVinci, Osaka) and Virtuoso Piano Works, both released for the Japanese Da Vinci, received great reviews on the major magazines. In the latter you can hear an improvisation that aroused clamor in the world: “a great improvisation and interpretative art” (Concerti); “Mariani’s performance is outstanding, all pianophiles should investigate …a 24-minute Improvisation… a super variation or a cadenza after the finale.This gesture must be unique in music history” (Fanfare); “An esxplosive personality” (Musica). She is formed in France, Italy, USA. Early talent she begins to play and improvise at 3 years old. At 13 played at the Amalfi International Festival, at 14 won the La Spezia Competition and imposed herself at International Rimini Aforforum – Sagra Malatestiana with Liszt’s Trasendental Studies. After the Degree with Special Mention, under Ciccolini’s guide she studied in Paris and in Turin graduating with “Excellent” at the Accademia Superiore Internazionale “Lorenzo Perosi”. In addition to 5 American Awards both as a pianist and as a composer she won 16 prestigious competitions, the Senate of the Italian Republic Prize and from her hometown the “Naples for Excellence Award 2018” sponsored by the President G. Napolitano. She performes as a soloist in prestigious Hall in all Europe and USA and held tours throughout all Spain for the Ministerio de Cultura and the Centro de Difusion de Musica Contemporanea. She plays her compositions at Gasteig, Teatro San Carlo, Fondazione Società dei Concerti, Santa Cecilia Conservatory, Ravello Festival, Berlin Kulthurhaus, Dresden, Sweden Governement, Osaka, Los Angeles, Switzerland, BBC, RAI, Rai-Radio3, Radio Vaticana. An essential element in her artistic career is the activity of writer. “I have two languages and one imagery” – she says of herself. Music and literature intertwine and often her novels are combined with her music: Hologram is connected with the homonimous novel and Kinderliana is inspired from the Dora and Lucia’s Tales. This symbiosis has also attracted interest in Germany where she realizes projects and performances of music and storytelling (SeeCampus Niederslausitz – Shwarzheide etc) in addition to classic solo piano recitals. Her books received several national and international literary awards. .She graduated cum Laude at 20 also in Literature with the Thesis titled « Schumann: Pensiero e Fantasia » (Gentile Publisher).


F. Chopin, Impromptus op. 29 in la bemolle maggiore
F. Chopin, Impromptus op. 36 in fa diesis minore
F. Chopin, Impromptus op. 51 in sol bemolle maggiore
F. Chopin, Fantaisie – Impromptu op. 66 in do diesis minore

F. Chopin, Scherzo Op. 31 in si bemolle minore

C. Debussy, Estampes:: 1. Pagodes; 2. La soirée dans Grenade ;3. Jardins sous la pluie

F. Liszt, Hommage a Naples  da “Venezia e Napoli” Supplément aux Années de pèlérinage / vol. II, S 162 
              Tarantella – Presto  2. Canzone napoletana