DUO AQUARIUS Nicolas Gilch, saxophone Joëlle Chaillou-Chouraki, piano

Sunday November 19, 2023 @ 15h00

The DUO AQUARIUS grew out of a friendship, a natural interaction between the two instrumentalists and a need to share music, in all its forms. Drawing on all repertoires, they put into perspective the vocality, expressive possibilities and infinite sound palette of the saxophone, woven into the harmonic meanderings of the piano. Transcriptions rub shoulders with original works, as well as contemporary creations and adaptations. The meeting of these two musicians and teachers, each with a solid professional background and a wealth of musical experience, transforms a simple collaboration into a genuine artistic symbiosis.

The touch of the piano and the breath of the saxophone, a constant concern for fusion and listening, rhythm and emotion, combined with a desire for spontaneity, are the basis of their work. Driven by their passion, their desire for change and transmission, the Aquarius duo is committed to developing programs in a variety of styles, combining aesthetics, eclecticism and rigor with fantasy. Today, DUO AQUARIUS takes us on a journey of Spanish colors. Their first CD, “Perspective”, was released in May 2019.




Jacques IBERT (1890-1962) L'Age d'Or (extrait de la suite pour orchestre « Le Chevialier errant »)
Pedro ITURRALDE (1929-2020) Suite hellénique (Kalamatianos, Funky, Valse, Kritis, Kalamatianos)
Isaac ALBENIZ (1860-1909) Mallorca (Barcarola)
Pedro ITURRALDE (1929-2020) Triptico Memorias (Lisboa-Casablanca-Alger)
Maurice RAVEL (1875-1937) Pièce en forme de Habanera
Manuel de FALLA (1876-1946) 7 Chansons pouplaires espagnoles