Hà Tran - Piano

Sunday November 26, 2023 @ 15h00

Pianist Hà Tran was born in Saigon, South Viet Nam, into a family of traditional musicians going back five generations, and into a bourgeois family of jewelers on her mother’s side going back three generations. She received a teaching diploma from the Ecole Normale de Paris in the class of André Gorog and Michael Wladkowski, and a State Diploma from the French Ministry of Culture.

She perfected her skills with concert pianist André Gorog and Carlos Cebro, artistic director of the Maria Canals International Music Competition in Barcelona. She is also a member of the Brest Piano Competition.

Concerts at the Courchevel and Mont Dore clinics.
Concerts at Gustave Roussy hospital, Gérard Pierrot’s responsibility, and at the Armenian Cathedral.
Jury and responsible for the UFAM piano competition.
Current piano teacher at the Conservatoire de la Garenne – Colombes, organizing the piano festival.