Rebecca Rita Ventrella, piano

Sunday September 7, 2025 @ 15h00

Rebecca Rita Ventrella studied piano with Angela Montemurro and Filippo Balducci at the Conservatory of Music in Bari. She graduated in Piano with top marks and obtained the Second level degree in Piano and Piano teaching with honors and honorable mention, “for the comprehension of the musical discourse, the balance and the piano mastery, supported by a notable sense of colour”. 

She attended Masterclass with Konstantin Bogino, Michael Wladkowski, Riccardo Risaliti, Bruno Canino, Daniel Rivera, Benedetto Lupo and the annual course at European Arts Academy “Aldo Ciccolini” with Angela Montemurro. She won prizes in several piano competitions. She performed at Piano City Napoli 2018, in Bari and Trani in different chamber ensembles for the event “The Orchestra Physics”, at Festival Pianistico di Corato 2018 and 2021, in Crotone for Società Beethoven A.C.A.M, in León in piano duet for Fundación Eutherpe, for Eurorchestra da camera di Bari, with whom she performed Debussy’s La boîte à joujoux transcription by M° Angela Montemurro. It has been said about her: “Fluidity, a never rhetoric but declaimed phrasing, freshness of inspiration, colouristic phantasy are some of the characteristics of Ventrella’s recital. The sound, always three dimensional, reserved unexpected limpidity and brightness bringing out all the spiritual elevation of the works performed”.

She regularly performs in piano duet with Annamaria Fortunato. She attended the annual course with M° Daniel Rivera at Accademia Stefano Strata and the Advanced Piano Course with M° Filippo Gamba at Accademia di Musica in Pinerolo. 



S. Rachmaninoff, Moment Musical op. 16 n. 1

F. Chopin, Sonata op. 35 n. 2

  • Grave. Doppio movimento
  • Scherzo
  • Marche Funébre. Lento
  • Finale. Presto

S. Rachmaninoff, Sonata op. 36 n. 2 (versione 1931)

  • Allegro agitato
  • Non allegro. Lento
  • L'istesso tempo. Allegro molto