Strictly Singing

Sunday April 14, 2024 @ 15h00

Strictly Singing is a new group formed by singers in the American Cathedral Choir both professional and amateur as well as professionals from across the world. This concert will feature the music of Jean Maillard.

Jean Maillard – International Man of Mystery

Despite his being identified as ‘one of the most important French composers of the sixteenth century’ by the renowned Musicologist François Lesure nearly half a century ago, Jean Maillard is a figure who remains shrouded in mystery and whose works have rarely been performed in modern times. This contrasts sharply with his reception during his own lifetime: his works were clearly very popular and widely travelled: they survive in manuscripts and prints originating in Germany, France, Poland, the Czech Republic, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium and the UK. Telling also is the number of composers who modelled their own compositions on works by Maillard: this list includes fellow Frenchman Claude Goudimel and also such luminaries as Orlando Lassus, Jacob Handl and Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina. It is possible that Maillard harboured Protestant sympathies which may have resulted in his exclusion from the circles of the Catholic royal court in Paris. Award-winning conductor and musicologist Rory McCleery leads a fun and engaging weekend exploring the music of this unjustly forgotten French musical master in his home city.

Italian (Venetian) School; A Concert


Jean Maillard: Missa Je suis desheritee, Laudate Dominum, In me transierunt, In pace, Gaudent in caelis

Pierre Cadeac: Je suis desheritee

Claude Goudimel: Motets and psalms