Strictly Singing, Conductor: David Allinson

Sunday June 23, 2024 @ 15h00

‘Like a lily among the thorns, so is my love’ – Polyphony in Paris

The conductor, David Allinson, has taken the opportunity to programme some favourite works – and to give the repertoire a French flavour. The group will sing music by Jean Mouton (who worked for Anne of Brittany and then for Francis I) and Antoine Brumel, who was master of the choristers at Notre Dame before spreading his wings for Italy. Also, there is an exquisite communion motet by Pierre de la Rue, who came from Tournai (now in modern Belgium).
Dominique Phinot, who spent his career in Lyon and Italy, was hugely esteemed by contemporaries and deserves to be much better known today. He pioneered new techniques in expressive double choir writing; his O sacrum convivium is a masterpiece.

Elsewhere, the program lightens the mood and takes on the spirit of summer, the scent of gardens and amorous intentions in which the choir will sing a range of motets in which the erotic poetry of the Song of Songs inspires composers to
lyrical heights, often intertwining with devotion to Mary, mother of Jesus – by Isaac, Guerrero, Ceballos and other Spaniards.

The music list is topped and tailed by Josquin des Prez, the greatest composer of the early Renaissance, who set the benchmark for quality in motet, mass and chanson. Like several Francophone composers, he spent his career serving aristocrats and the Catholic Church in France, Italy and elsewhere, producing music of superlative quality.



‘Like a lily among the thorns, so is my love’ – Polyphony in Paris

Josquin des Prez : Ave Maria ... Virgo Serena 
Josquin des Pre : In te Domine Speravi
Josquin des Prez : Mille regretz 
Josquin des Prez : Gaude Virgo 
Jean Mouton : Ave Maria, Gratia plena 
Francisco Guerrero : Dulcissima Maria 
Antoine Brumel : Sicut lilium 
Heinrich Isaac : Tota pulchra es, amica mea 
Rodrigo de Ceballos, Hortus conclusus
Andreas de Silva : Nigra sum sed formosa 
Pedro de Cristo : Quae est ista
Pierre de la Rue : O salutaris hostia
Dominique Phinot : O sacrum convivium