Trio of Two Flutes and Piano

Sunday May 7, 2023 @ 15h00
Flutes : Bogdana Bushevska & Nora Stostic / Piano : Marija Nikolovska.
The trio presents music by Delibes, Schumann, Tachikovsky, Poulenc, Clarke, Najarian, Nikolovski and Doppler.

Nora Stošić is a multi-awarded Bachelor graduate concert performer, widely noticed on the Balkan scene. Curenttly she is student of Short Term Studies at the Music Academy In Prague (HAMU). Altough she is only 22 years old, because of the flute she has already lived in three countries. She began her musical journey at the music school “Stevan Mokranjac” in Požarevac (Serbia), where she completed elementary and high school music studies with all the highest grades and Vuk’s diploma, in the class of Karolina Sprečaković. The flute continued to lead the way to the Mediterranean, and in Music Academy of Montenegro (Cetinje), in the class of Marija Đurđević Ilić, she completed her Bachelor Studies with an average of 9.45. With the title of graduate music performer, she comes to Prague, where she enrolls in a Short-Term Intership Studies in the class of Professor Radomir Pivoda at the Academy of Music in Prague (HAMU). The very first appearance on the stage resulted with the first prize, and Nora has been an active competitor and performer for 15 years since then. In her career, she had over 1,000 performances solo and in chamber ensembles and orchestras. She is the winner of over 30 national and international awards. She performed solo throughout the Balkans (Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Slovenia, Croatia). In addition to her solo career, she also had an orchestral and chamber career. With chamber ensembles, she has repeatedly won first prizes and laureates at competitions. Since 2015, she has been a member of the “Gvardia” symphony orchestra, where she plays on the position of first flute and with whom she performed as a soloist for the first time at the age of 16. During her Bachelor studies, she also held the position of first flute in the orchestra of the Music Academy of Cetinje. She played the piccolo flute part-time in the Montenegrin Symphony Orchestra and in the opera “La Boheme” in cooperation with the Montenegrin Music Center. Although everyone says that she was born for the stage, in 2021 she also tried her hand at teaching, and taught the flute at the “Stevan Mokranjac”, music school in Požarevac, where, 15 years ago, it all began.

Bogdana Bushevska
Depuis 2019 : Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris « Alfred Cortot»
– Diplôme supérieur d’enseignement/d’exécution
2013 – 2017 : Faculté de Musique – Université « St.Cyrille et Methode », Skopje, Macédoine
– Licence musicologie/musicien interprète et Diplôme d’état de professeur de flûte traversière (BAC +4)
2009 – 2013 : Lycée de Musique “Todor Skaloski – Tetoec”– Tetovo, Macédoine
– Baccalauréat lycée professionnelle musique
2014 – 2017 : Master classes avec Emmanuel Pahud (2014), Dejan Gavric (2015/16/17), Eva Maria Thonemann
(2015), Karolina Santl Zupan (2016), Laura Levai Aksin (2017)
2023 : Assistant spécialisée d’enseignement artistique remplaçante – flute traversière au CRC d’Ermont (à partir de
Janvier 2023)
2022 : Assistant spécialisée d’enseignement artistique remplaçante – flute traversière au CRC de Sevran (Avril
2022 – avril 2023)
2021 : Membre du comité de musique classique de l’organisation JMI (Jeunesses Musicales
International) à Bruxelles
– Membre de l’organisation JMM (Jeunesses Musicales Macédoine)
– Soliste avec l’orchestre de Jeunesses Musicales de Macédoine au 61e festival d’été « Ohrid Summer »
– Participant actif au projet “Play it Loud”, organisé par JMI, sponsorisé par le Fond Européen pour la
Jeunesse et Erasmus + program
2019 : Participant actif à la première conférence pour jeunes musiciens à Berlin, organise par
Jeunesses Musicales d’Allemagne
2018 : Deux récitals avec le pianiste Shkelzen Baftijari, projets soutenus par le Ministère de la
Culture de la République de Macédoine
2017 – 2019 : Membre associé/indépendant de la Philharmonie de Macédoine
2017 : Soliste avec la Philharmonie de Macédoine
2016 : Deux récitals avec le pianiste Dino Imeri à Skopje et à Tetovo.
2018 : Diplôme de participation et représentant de la République de Macédoine au 27e concours
européen de musique de Thomas Kuti , organise par Lions Europa Forum
2017 : Lauréate de la Fondation Tomislav Zografski au Concours international « Ohrid Pearls »,
2016 : Premier prix du Concours international de flûte de Valjevo, Serbie
2015 : Lauréate du festival international « Lake Pearls » de Struga, Macédoine
2014 : Prix spécial de l’Orchestre Orpheus, Bulgarie
2013 : Premier prix du concours international de jeunes musiciens de Bulgarie
2011/2014/2016 : Lauréate du Concours national de flûte de Skopje, Macédoine
Français, anglais, croate et macédonien (langue maternelle)

Marija Nikolovska wa born in Skopje, Macedonia.She showed musical talent from a very young age and at the age of 6 she started music school in the class of prof Danica Stojanova in the State music and ballet center ”Ilija Nikolovski – Luj “ in Skopje, Macedonia.
During her education there, she participates in the music projects and concerts organized by the school, but also attends competitions and plays recitals outside
of the borders of the school, in the country and abroad. Her education also includes the participation of masterclasses organized by excellent pianist and musicians: Danica Stojanova (Macedonia), Jenny Zaharieva (Bulgaria), Andrei Diev (Russia), Andrei
Korobenikov (Russia), Pascal Nemirovski (France), Natalia Troull (Russia), Chantal Stigliani (France), Rafael Salinas (Spain), Marina Pliassova (Norway), Antonio di Cristofano (Italia ) Agathe Leimony (Greece), Domna Evnughidu (Greece)…..
She also won prizes at competitions: Ars Kosova musical competition for youth, Pristina 2011, (Special
prize- 100 points), Davorin Jenko International Piano Competition in Belgrade 2012, (III prize),
International Festival “Lake Pearls”, Struga, 2013 ( I-Laureat), Laureat on the 8 th Kyusyu International
J.S.Bach Music Competition in Kurume, Japan, 2014, performed Mozart piano concertos in Poros
Academy with Athens Symphonieta orchestra, and recitals in Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Kosovo.
She finishes Music Academy in Skopje, by mentor prof. doc. Kristina Svetieva, after which she continues
her education in the National Music Academy “Prof. Pancho Vladigeroff “ in Sofia , Bulgaria, where at
the moment she is attending “specialization in performance” studies.
Marija’s latest performances include recitals in Rome, Paris, Prague, Sofia, Skopje, Belgrade, Podgorica … and the performances of the Beethoven’s third concert in Bulgaria.



  1. L. Delibes - “Flower duet” from Lakme
  2. R. Schumann – Trio for two flutes and piano op 56 no. 2 (Arr. Martin Lebel)
  3. P.I.Tchaikovsky - Lensky’s Aria for flute and piano
  4. F. Poulenc – Sonata for flute and piano 2 & 3 mov
  5. Ian Clarke – Maya
  6. K. Najarian – Jardin d’etoiles for two flutes
  7. V. Nikolovski – Toccatta pour piano
  8. F. Doppler – Andante and Rondo